Digital dentistry
Only Smiles

Digital dentistry involves the use of dental technology to carry out various dental procedures.

The benefits include:
  • Enhancing the productivity of the clinician
  • Accurate diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Higher patient comfort and shorter treatment time
  • Better treatment outcome
  • Easier communication between the patient and doctor
  • Extremely low radiation doses compared to conventional systems
  • At Only Smiles, we use state of the art technology to ensure our patients get the highest quality of treatment.
Orthopatomogram (OPG)
and CT scan machine
Portable X-ray machine
Intra-oral scanner
Dentistry of the future

In modern day dentistry, almost every procedure can be digitized; right from caries diagnosis, to radiography, to laboratory communication, to intra- and extra-oral imaging, to smile designing, shade matching, planning implant surgeries, and even basic practice management; all can be accomplished by the various available technological advancements in dentistry.