Udatta Kher

A skilled clinician, educator, and researcher. He is a master of the craft and known to perform advanced procedures in Dental Implantology, Laser Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry with utmost ease.

meet dr. kher

For Excellence

Dr. Kher received the prestigious 'Excellence in Dentistry' award for the year 2013 in the field of Implantology. To receive this Pan India award from amongst the meritorious dentists in the country was indeed an honour.

For Excellence

He received the 'Clinician of the Year' award at the Bite-In Dental Award Show in 2017.


Dr. Kher has lectured in all the seven continents of the world, and continues to spread his knowledge and expertise among budding clinicians worldwide.


The best and painless way of replacing missing teeth.

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Bound Clients

Patients of Indian origin living overseas and visiting Mumbai can accomplish a lot of treatment in a short time.

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Only Smiles
Dental Centre

Only Smiles Dental Centre is the one stop solution to all your dental problems. Run by Dr. Udatta Kher, an expert in the dental field, this practice was set up at Pali Hill in 1964 by his father, Dr R B Kher and has grown from strength to strength over the last 50 years.The clinic has been successfully serving patients and recently relocated to Khar, Linking Road, in a bigger state-of-the-art set-up. Dr. Kher is known far and wide for his pain-free dental practices and for his profound knowledge in the field of Dental implants. He is a celebrated dentist the world over and his loyal patronage travel from various countries across the globe to be treated by his expert hands. He has cultivated his entire practice to work in the most efficient manner at par with international standards. To be treated by him or any of his accomplished associates is the best treatment your teeth can get.

Pain Free
Dental Care

Most procedures, worldwide, done on the human body are tending towards minimal intervention in order to reduce healing time and make the process Pain-free. We, at OSDC, take great pride in offering 'Minimally Invasive' treatment options keeping up with this trend.
Local Anesthesia: The team at OSDC has perfected the art of administering local anesthesia for routine dental procedures. Most procedures like tooth extractions, root canal therapy and dental implants; perceived by patients as painful, are rendered painlessly by all the experienced clinicians at the center. Patients can be assured of a smooth and stress free dental experience.
Conscious sedation:The center has the facility to administer Nitrous oxide (laughing gas)/ oxygen for anxious patients needing advanced dental procedures. (Currently available at the Andheri (Lokhandwala) Clinic)
General anesthesia: This team of qualified doctors in an operation theatre can perform complicated dental procedures and surgeries needing longer duration. The team specializes in treating very young, uncooperative and medically compromised patients in a hospital based set up (Performed at Bhargava Nursing Home, Santacruz)
Laser Dentistry: A Laser is one of the state-of the-art equipment used to performing minimally invasive surgical procedures. A number of procedures such as periodontal therapy, gum recontouring, removal of growths, depigmentation and frenectomies are routinely offered at the center.